To save a life, she must face Death.

Holed up in London, former assassin Acid Vanilla is trying to drink away the demons of her past when an old acquaintance turns up in need of her help. His nephew has stolen from a Spanish gangster and is being hunted by Acid’s ex-colleague and rival, Sister Death.

Reluctantly, Acid takes the job and travels to San Sebastian in search of the nephew. Unfortunately, he has plans of his own that involve stealing a rare artefact worth millions. Convinced he’s going to get himself killed, her only option is to partner with him in his dangerous scheme. 

But with the sinister Sister Death closing in fast - and Acid doubting her own abilities - it becomes clear they've made a terrible mistake. One that could cost them both their lives... 

Amazon bestselling author Matthew Hattersley's heart-pounding adventures of Acid Vanilla continue in Sister Death. The latest standalone adventure in the addictive Acid Vanilla Series!