A young girl fighting to survive. A system designed crush her. Her only saviour:a woman grooming her for murder.

Alice Vandella is a young girl with too much life experience. When she is sent to a home for dangerous girls she makes a pact with herself - to keep her head down, do her time, stay out of trouble.

But after a series of tragic set-backs and run ins with Ella, the most feared girl in Crest Hill, Alice comes to a conclusion. She has to fight if she’s going to survive. With the help of her therapist she begins to take get a hold on her demons.

Or so she thinks...

Then one day Alice walks into the visitors room and sees a man waiting for her. A man who says he’s her uncle. He tells her he can get her out. Give her a good life.

And all he wants in return is for her to join his new hit squad….

Find out how the young Alice broke off the shackles of her tortured past to become the most feared and feisty assassin in the world: Acid Vanilla.

Offered as an exclusive introductory novel for Matthew Hattersley's Readers Group. NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK