She’s made peace with her bloodstained past. Now someone is gunning for her future…

Ex-assassin Acid Vanilla and her friend Spook Horowitz have set up an agency, aiding desperate people who can't find help any other way. But with only one case under their belts and a string of dead bodies in their wake, things are not going to plan.

Spook wants the agency to be a force for good, to not use excessive force. Acid… not so much. She likes the dead bodies; she likes the blood. After finally accepting who she is, she won't let trivial things like laws or morality get in her way.

When a woman contacts them to help find her father, what starts as a missing person case quickly becomes something more sinister. The father is mixed up with bad people, which could prove fatal not only for him and his daughter but for Acid and Spook as well.

So begins a dangerous journey that will take test Acid's skills, endurance and mental health, as well as her friendships. Can she find the missing father whilst growing deeper entwined in a world of violence, vengeance and vindication? Or will her renewed blood lust lead to her own violent demise?

Fast-paced and action-packed, I AM A KILLER is the seventh book in the bestselling Acid Vanilla series. You can enjoy it as a standalone and is for fans of sharp thrillers, full of witty dialogue and filmic set-pieces.